We in Kria believe in training which moulds & enables the resources to perform their job with due diligence. We select qualified EMTs & Train them on Emergency & pre-hospital medical care.

Training includes initial assessment, patient history physical examinations, communication skills, record keeping and documentation. They are trained in handling cardiac emergencies too.


Kria takes utmost care in selecting nurses due to the critical nature of the job. Nurses typically hold either a diploma or a degree in nursing, in Kria. They are not only trained to work with patients and physicians but also are trained to develop "Nursing Care" Plans. Since, the nature of this job requires some soft intrinsic characteristics, in Kria, Nurses are trained periodically on the following aspects to keep up the motivation:

»   Emotional Stability
»   Being Empathetic
»   Being Patient
»   Maintaining health & safety guidelines
»   Preventing Contamination etc.


Apart from special trainings, we in Kria, also conduct general trainings, periodically. These trainings happen on a quarterly-basis to all of our field staff including Pilots, EMTs, Nurses, Call Center Executives & Office Staff. Training on various topics like Softskills, communication Medical Terminology, Patient Care techniques, Nursing Skills etc; are also provided to make the field staff aware of all aspects and motivate them

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