Emergency Services

Emergency service provides immediate medical support to the patients. This service with specialized people from Medical, Network and operations delivers center assistance to anyone who is in emergency or need medical advice. Provision of a round-the-clock medical emergency helpline through a Toll Free number specifically provided. The concerned can call the number anytime to get the required services.

Current emergency services in India aren’t dedicated to the highway emergencies. In addition the services are reactive and limited focus on mitigation /prevention of road accidents.Current ambulance design and make is stretched while handling multiple road accident victims in addition, the current emergency services are designed to attend and drop the victims at hospital but currently don’t focus on follow up, insurance facilitation & case closure.

KRIA facilitates the activation of 1033 ambulance services on a 24/7 basis, across designated cities in India. These services are provided on best effort basis and KRIA coordinates with the service providers for the dispatch of ambulances and keep the members informed about the same.

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