Ambulance Management


Client: National Health Mission, Govt. of UP

Start: Feb 2019

Kria Healthcare is implementing a project of 170 MMUs for the Govt. of Uttar Pradesh. The basic objective of the MMU is to implement a system to provide Primary (Preventive, Primitive, Curative and Diagnostic services) and Referral services along with other support activities.

Highlights of the project:

 The project will cover 53 districts initially with 170 MMU vehicles.

 Each MMU Van will visit each village service point once every 2 weeks in coordination with the district health authorities and the support of the local health officials.

 Each MMU will provide 6 hours of ‘Healthcare Service Window’ at the scheduled service point every day.

 Each MMU unit will have a qualified and trained team consisting of an MBBS doctor, Staff Nurse, Lab Technician and Pharmacist.

 The MMU services enable the population the coverage areas to consult the medical doctor, get basic lab tests done. The patients are also provided medicines prescribed by the doctor.

 The MMU Services shall provide healthcare services, diagnostic services (lab tests), counselling services, medicines/drugs free of cost to all patients attending the unit.

 The services are enabled by Kria’s state-of-the-art software application which will capture patient service data of all beneficiaries apart from operational data about the project. The MMUs are also enabled with real time tracking of vehicles with GPS, biometric fingerprint scanning of patients and staff.

 A detailed dashboard enables the authorities to track operational data for project monitoring.

The project is being implemented under PPP mode by the NHM, Department of Medical Health and Family Welfare, Uttar Pradesh along with Kria Healthcare which has incorporated a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) KHG Health Services Private Limited to implement the project.


Client: Scheduled Tribe Welfare Department, Govt of Karnataka

Start: Jun 2018

Kria currently maintains and operates a network of Mobile Medical Units(MMUs) for the Scheduled Tribe Welfare Department, Govt of Karnataka across 5 districts.

The program is focused on complementing the existing public health systems to create a framework for comprehensive and easily accessible healthcare delivery. The project renders medical service in two villages/habitations in a day, with each MMU covering 45-50 villages in a month.

The project aims at discovering and monitoring patients suffering from chronic ailments, pregnant women, children. Drugs are delivered free of cost to the beneficiaries.

With staff comprising a medical doctor, paramedics, pharmacists and lab technicians, the modern, state-of-the-art MMUs carry cold chain facilities for specific drugs, facilities to store blood/urine samples for testing.

The operations are powered by state-of-the-art software to enable effective and efficient delivery of basic healthcare.

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