About Us

KRIA Healthcare is a progressive healthcare company specializing in innovative quality patient care, integrating physical, mental and social well-being. The focus on a broader spectrum of health including primary medical care, mental & behavioral health, and social health services offers a well-rounded approach for happier, healthier patients.

A team with significant experience in providing healthcare in the last mile and pioneering technology leveraged healthcare and pioneering emergency management founded KRIA

Working together is key

Our goal is to help create a less fragmented healthcare system, with less waste, by improving connections between consumers and healthcare providers. Our services and solutions offer the insights and tools needed by healthcare providers and consumers alike to navigate the healthcare maze with agility and speed using an evidence and data-driven approach. We recognize the complexity of the challenge and have a bias for collaboration and partnerships – we don't think that any single stakeholder can do it alone. We bring together our capabilities and the capabilities of our partners to develop cutting-edge, effective, integrated solutions that help customers get value from the healthcare system.

Areas of focus

We are assembling a suite of services and solutions in areas such as:

  • Care Management
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Telemedicine and Remote Monitoring
  • Patient Adherence
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Electronic Health Records

  • KRIA is currently offering its services to maintain and operate ambulances on NH-65 and a call centre to assist the Concessionaires (viz; GMR/GIC/NHAI) in attending to the Accident victims on the NH 65 stretch
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