Project : Modernizing the UPHC Network

165 e-UPHCs, PPP mode, NUHM, Govt of AP         Start Date: Sep 2016

Kria is implementing a project of telemedicine enabled e-UPHCs in the state of Andhra Pradesh in two zones covering 165 e-UHPCs in consortium model with Apollo. Scope of the project as below:

  • MBBS doctor along with necessary para-medical and IT technical staff are provisioned at each site.
  • Specialist consultations are provided via Tele-medicine.
  • Electronic patient health records.
  • Dashboard for real time monitoring of key parameters.
  • Hardware, software for transmission of relevant patient information.
  • Feedback of tele-consultation and other services recorded electronically.

Kria proposes to revamp and manage the UPHC services as per the best practices in the industry and standard operating procedures. After the revamp, the eUPHCs would function as effective first point of care for primary healthcare needs of citizens in the coverage area providing all rounded integrated services. The proposed modernization of the UPHCs are expected to yield the following benefits:

New services that can be provided at eUPHCs:

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